Monday, May 15, 2006


Before work I went to my medical clearance appointment. I am not even sure why they have these appointments, they are pretty much pointless. They never have my records. So I could go in there and tell them anything and they would believe me. I could tell them I have only had one seizure or twenty. I tell them how much meds I should be taking everyday...they just write my prescription. I haven't seen a neurologist since we have been in the military and I should be seeing one every 6 months to a year to make sure the meds are still working. And hopefully I can go to lower dose sometime soon. But the good news is Germanys hospitals are great, so I am really looking forward to going there. They actually will have someone who specializes in seizures and hopefully knows that the reason they put me on Topamax is because I have seizures, not because I get really bad headaches.

David and I both hurt our backs. David hurt his messing around with one of his friends yesterday at band practise. And me...who knows how I hurt mine. I guess I just moved it funny.