Thursday, May 11, 2006

Dentist Visit

Went to the dentist at 7:30 this morning for my over seas dental clearance. Everytime you go to a new over seas base you have to get dental clearance. There is only one dentist on base seeing everyone so you just have to walk in and wait. We waited for about a hour and half before he saw me. He just looks at your teeth for a few minutes and signs a paper and says you are good to go.

Before I saw the dentist, his assistant was looking at my x-rays and he asked me if I have ever broken my jaw. I told him I had a really bad jaw. I guess at our next base I should get that checked out because it has been bothering me and cracking a lot more.

Still have to get in for my medical clearance, shouldn't be a problem to be cleared, but to get the appointment another story. I tried to make an appointment the other day, but the lady answering the phone said I had to drop off my paperwork before I could make the appointment, so David brought my paperwork over there and the guy working said no you have to call to make the appointment. This time David is going to call and try to make the appointment for me.

It is raining more nice days in site for us.


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