Friday, April 28, 2006

It's A Nice Friday!

The weather has been surprising pretty nice the past two days, well Iceland nice. I am really not the one who should be talking about the weather because the most I ever feel outside is walking to and from the car twice a day, unless we have to go to the store. But our daylight is getting longer and longer each day. The summers are way better here then in the winters. Atleast you get some light. Its not like it gets totally dark in the winter, its just so gloomy.

Our dinner thing last night went ok. We went with our neighbors. But they tried to pack way to many people in this small room and small room with lots of people isn't Davids thing. So we were only there about an hour. They had really good food though.

I am not sure if I had mentioned it or not, but we are hoping to try and plan a visit home sometime in August after we get settled in Germany. It would be so nice to be back in Minnesota for the summer and plus my mom would be off of work then, so hopefully our plans work out.

Miss You All and Have a Great Weekend!