Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter and Happy Birthday

Today for Easter we didn't have much planned, it is also David's Birthday today so we will probably just hang around the house and relax. He bought a new video game yesterday so I am sure he will want to play that for a little bit today. I got up early this morning and put out a little easter basket for David with some of his favorite things. I hide the easter basket in the dryer, I knew that was the one place he would never look. But when I was taking it out I was so loud, I was dropping things in the dryer. I thought he was going to attack me because he thought we were being robbed. Good thing he just thought I was being nuts and wanted to do laundry...I have sort of turned into a clean freak.

Sad ofcourse we can't be with family today. But we are thinking of everyone. Easter is at my grandma's house this year. Ofcourse she will be having her annual egg hunt. And everyone brings a dish to share... I am sure my mom will bring deviled eggs...yummy! We hope everyone has a great day. We heard that the weather has been great in MN. So that is wonderful for you. The weather here can't decide if it wants to rain, snow or stay sunny out.

David, I love you and I hope you have a Wonderful Birthday today!

Happy Easter to Everyone!! We love and miss you all!!


Anonymous Randy said...

Happy Easter Sara & David!
Also Happy Birthday David!
We hope you have a great day and we will be thinking of you!

Dad & Mom
Katie and J.P.

5:35 PM  
Anonymous Linda said...

Loved the up date and so glad Easter gave you two some good time off. We missed you both very much and excited about the news.

1:04 AM  
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