Wednesday, April 05, 2006

JUST 7 More Months

If you have been keeping up with David's blog you already know what information we got yesterday, but if not I will fill you in quickly. He did get an assignment, sort would have been a choice between two spots in Germany, but there was a catch...he would had to extend 7 more months. Doesn't sound too long, but we are so excited to get out of the mitary life so even one day longer wasn't in our plan. David told them no way to extending the 7 more months, so now we are just waiting to see what they say about that. David took a few days off of work to try and recover from the cold he has had. He won Airman of the Year, so you get free days off for that. He called into work this morning to see if they had heard anything more, but they hadn't.

Since David had the day off we went to the BX before he brought me into work, they were having this big sale. Basically trying to get ride of everything. I bought a shirt and some candles. The store is pretty empty. The people there were pretty much just buying things just because they were on sale.

The wind is just crazy today. They have wind advisory out.


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