Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Still Waiting...

Sorry I can't inform you with an update on where we are going or when we think we will know. Some days they tell David maybe we will know in the next couple days or maybe by the end of this week or maybe by the end of next week. So who really knows when we will know. Also, we have no idea if we will be going state side or staying overseas. I guess we will know when we know. But I think we will by gone by the end of June beginning of July. So that isn't to far away.

We saw what we wanted to of this Island so we are really ready to leave. The weather is so gross about 90% of the time so you can never go out and do anything. I hate this place because it never goes above 60 degrees and I NEED the sun. And everything is way to expensive. They have really nice malls, but you can't buy anything unless you want to fork over your 2 weeks pay check for one shirt. Basically we are looking forward to our move.


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