Thursday, March 16, 2006

Bye Bye Base

Well we found out today that the base is for sure closing. We will PROBABLY be closed in the next 6 months. We don't know to much information yet, but we will know more everyday. But what does this mean for us...not to sure! Will we be out by October 1st OR will they start to pack us out starting October 1st...not sure. I do know that all 642 Icelandic employees on base will get there pink slips on April 1st and have 6 months left at there jobs here on base. So here at the Galleria my job will be done then. We aren't going to buy any more supplies, just let everything run out. My boss is Icelandic, she said she doesn't know where she is going to find a job. It is going to be crazy...600+ people looking for a job all at the same time in this small country. There population is only 300,000.

I know you are thinking David leaves for Iraq in a couple of months and wont be back until the end of October....Yes, they would still send him. If they decide to PCS us I would just have to do the move by myself. I could do it. It just would be a lot of work. I have a lot of people who have already wolunteered to help if that should happen. Where would we go? Well, at David's work they would give everyone a list of all the open jobs and the highest ranking person would get first picks. David is pretty low who know where we will end up.

That is all we know for now. But as the information comes to me I will let you know. But like I said we learn more information daily.

I had my doctors appointment today. Ofcourse they don't know what is wrong, they said everything looks good from what they can tell. They said if I still have the pain for another week come back. But it has gotten better so maybe it will just go away...we will see.

Miss you all...more later...


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