Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Doctors Visit

Well, I went in this afternoon for my stomach because I just couldn't take the pain anymore and it was on the right side, so I thought I better get it checked out just in case it was my appendix and with my history with my pencreatitis I thought I better go in. This pain started early Sunday morning and it has been starting to feel a little better, but I think that is because when I eat that is when it gets worse, so I just haven't been eatting as much. When I had my last pancreatitis they didn't let me eat solid foods for a week because that is the only way to cure it, so I thought maybe that is what I had again. After being at the hospital for 3 1/2 hours, they first thought it was my pancreatis or my appendix, they were ready to do surgery, but thankgoodness it was neither. But they still don't know what is wrong, so now I have to wait until next Tuesday to go and get an ultra sound on my stomach because that is when that doctor comes in. So for now they just gave me some pain meds. so we will see how the next week goes.

In other news...I just found out my friend Rachel is getting married May 3rd in Jamaica! Congratulations to her and JD!


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