Thursday, February 23, 2006

Not Much New

Today I don't have much to write about. Things have been pretty much the same here. David has been playing is guitar a lot lately. Him and his band have picked out 4 new songs to learn. Hopefully they will be able to preform before David leaves this spring. They get together on Sundays to practice for a few hours. David has also been looking at buying a new laptop to take with him this spring since our other one died on us. This way he will be able to keep intouch with us a lot better.

Work has been extra slow because of the gross weather we have been one wants to go out when you get blown over just walking to your car.

We saw on TV last night that we will be getting "My Name is Earl," so that was exciting to see, both of us were hoping we would get that show. We usually get the shows a season later or not at all. But here we actually have European cable, in Turkey we only had 5 channels to pick mom would tape shows for us so atleast we could watch some of our favorite shows. Here we get MTV Europe so it is a little different at times, but we will never complain about our free cable. We also get the Discovery channel...David really likes to watch all the bike building shows.

All is well here...miss you all!


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