Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Window Gazing

The sun is out today, but ofcourse it doesn't feel warm outside. It is pretty much miserable out most days. Work is slow, I have only had two paying customers and few lookers all day. I have spent most of my day sitting by the window pretending to sun tan because the sun is straight out my window. And in Iceland under most windows you have a heater (so it feels like it is warm out). Instead of having a small vents through out our house you have these big ugly white things that get heated up by water. Iceland will never run out of hot water because of the natural hot springs. The heaters don't work the best, our house never seems to get warm enough. We have all of ours cranked to the fullest. And sometimes they will stop pumping water so David has to go and start hitting the heater with some metal tool to get the water to start flowing again.

One hour left of work!


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