Thursday, February 09, 2006

Pictures From Our Trip Home

Our trip started out with a stop in Boston because we couldn't get a straight flight to Minnesota. All we really got to see of Boston is what we saw in the cab ride over and the view from our hotel room. We stayed at the Hyatt in Downtown Boston, our goal was to walk and go get something to eat since it was so nice out, but that never happened because we were so tired once we got in. It actually turned out to be a good idea to eat in the restaurant in the hotel because our meal was the best ever. We both had the samon and it was de-lish! Our hotel room was beautiful too, the bed was so comfortable and the best part was it was a KING!
We tried to take a picture of the view from our room, but it didn't turn out the best.
Here is a picture of everyone who came up to Bennigans after we got picked up from the airport. Both david's parents and mine where and the airport when we got in.
David and his mom Linda and his dad ron
David, His parent's and Mike's girlfriend Suzy
My parent's and me
Linda, Suzy, my dad and david's best friend Mike
david and his dad
david and his parent's
Rachel and me up at Buffalo Wild Wings with her boyfriend JD and our friend Tony (Rachel was in our wedding)
Me and Tony (tony was in our Wedding)
Brandi's son Connor(3) and me at Ruby Tuesday's. Brandi and Connor met me up there for dinner.

Connor LOVES Spider Man
My cat Shadow taking a nap
Ak and me at Tony's house. Tony was having a party. ( AK was an usher at our wedding)
Abby and me
Tony, AK and me all hanging out
Jessica and me at Champs. Jessica, Katie and me met for lunch. Jessica use to work at Aurelios with me.
JohnPaul and his girlfriend Megan. Both my family and david's family met at Bucas for dinner.
Rachel and her boyfriend JD at Big Ten Mike, John, David and me all at Big Ten for Luke's birthday. David and John even sang Karokee for old time sakes.
me and andrea. Andrea and me got together for lunch that afternoon with David and her boyfriend Travis at Old Chicago.

Dyan and her two kids Taemoor and Sophia. Dyan and I use to work at Aurelios together

David, me, Dyan, her husband Kashef, Taemoor and Sophia

David, me and Jack- All the cousins are getting so Big
"The Life Of The Party" Grandpa took a nap half way through the party
JP, mom, dad, KT, me and david - cute family picture
Picture Time

The Stawski Family Sing Along!
David and my dad playing the guitars so everyone could sing along

Everyone was downstairs in a big circle singing - they even passed out sheet music!

We had a great time while we were home. It goes by so fast though. I do wish this next year goes by that quickly. But when I look back on the last 3 years they really did fly by.

I am so glad the weather was so great in Minnesota, I can't believe how many days I didn't have to wear my jacket. The weather here is gross. The weather can't decide if it wants to snow or rain. Today it is raining and it is super winding out today, well it is windy out everyday. When we got back on Tuesday there was snow, but it is all gone now because of the rain. We did come back to some light though, so that is good news. Atleast when I go to work I get to see some light, that helps to keeps spirts high.


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