Friday, January 13, 2006

We'll call it Home Sweet Home for NOW...

I thought I would start about telling you about our house, well apartment in Iceland. It actually is pretty nice, we have carpet! You might be thinking so but, if you saw what we were working with in Turkey you would be pretty happy too. In Turkey we had some thin piece of paper they taped over the floor. Our kitchen is pretty big, we have a lot of counter and cabinet space. Which is nice for David because he does most of the cooking, but I am learning I must say. You would think I would be a pretty good cook since I worked in a restuarant for almost 8 years and almost everyone else in my family can cook but, I must say I make a mean Lean Pocket! Oh and we have a Turkey we were the dishwasher. It wasn't so bad for David because in his last apartment he didn't have one, but for me I thought I was going to die!

Our Kitchen looks out into our dinning area and living room. It is a pretty small area, but it works for David and I. This is a lot smaller then our house in Turkey, since these two areas have to share now. Our furniture is pretty special to us because we were able to design it our self and it is all handmade it Turkey. It is something we will be able to treasure forever and look back on all of our travels. We had our table and chairs, armore, end tables and coffee table all handmade. Also our couches were bought in Turkey.

There are two bedrooms in our apartment. In the spare bedroom we put the computer and the spare bed, but after a few months of being a spare room it turned into David's music studio. He practices his guitar everyday because he is in a band now. But then I moved in, so now it is David's music studio/ Sara's scrapbooking room. For my area I just put up 3 TV trays in the corner and set up shop. I guess it is working for now.

I will attach some pictures of our place so you can see it. But first I have to figure it out...I may have to go to david for that part!



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