Thursday, January 12, 2006

Should have started sooner...

I finally thought I would start something so everyone would be able to keep up on what was going on with David and I. Who knows how interesting our life will be to write about, but we have done some traveling that I will be able to share with you. Also, this will be a great way to finally get out the pictures I have wanting to share with everyone. Please be patient with me while I set up my blog, david has the computer smarts in the family.

We are getting very excited to see everyone next saturday. Please try to get ahold of us so we can set up a time to see everyone, it is so hard to see everyone in the short time we are home. I am so thrilled just to be able to go shopping, I have some christmas money I want to spend. And I have a hair appointment with hair is looking really bad.

We only have 3 years left in the Airforce! We HOPE to get out in Aug '08...So this will be a great thing to look back on when we finally do get out.

Oh yeah... in August '08....I hope to have a HUGE welcome home party and Birthday Party!

Love and Miss you all!!!! XOXO