Thursday, February 09, 2006

Vacation Pictures

We had a great visit home. Our time home went by so fast. David spent most of his time snowboarding with his friends Mike, Luke and John. He brought his snowboard from Iceland. David also got to go snowmobiling with his dad up at there cabin.

I spent most of my time seeing all my family and friends. And ofcourse I did a lof of shopping. I added over 30 lbs to my suitcases. We ate out a lot, so it is always nice to get back home and get back to a regular diet.

Both of us adjusted just fine to the time difference. I tired to stay up all day when we got back but ened up taking two naps and sleeping all night. David played guitar for three hours then went on the computer. Now we are both back at work, I have been really busy these past few days, so actually that has been nice. It helps the days go by fast.

I have only added a few pictures so far from our trip, but I will add more tomorrow. But here are some from Saturday's party and others. Thanks everyone who came on Saturday. Both David and I really had a great time!
Brandi and me. I was hoping she would have her baby while I was home, but no such luck.
Brandi and my mom - my mom made her famous white chicken chilli. It sure was a hit, she made three crock pots full and it all went.
cousin Justin and me
auntie becky and me
the moms in a very serious checkers game
Katie, auntie Becky and me
David's friend Kristy and David (Kristy was in our wedding)
Becky and John
auntie becky, david and me
uncle Bob, Justin, and auntie becky
uncle bob, Linda, and auntie Becky. Uncle Bob cooked fish for everyone.
David and Grandma (cute picture, too bad the light was bad)
Justin - rockin out
sara, david and justin
grandma, sara, david and grandpa - Thanks grandma for making my two favorite desserts!
grandma, justin, sara, david and grandpa
sara and sheila - at sheila's baby shower. Sheila is due at the end of April.
David opening up some clothes he got from his parents. We also opened up presents from Katie and JohnPaul while we all watched the Super Bowl.
David and my dad taking a nap the day after the party.

Katie and Shadow. How CUTE!