Sunday, January 15, 2006

Happy Late New Year!

Sorry these pictures are not the best, our camera was not meant to be taking these kind of pictures. But atleast you can get some idea of the fireworks.

This is Greg "Blue" his wife Jessica and there son Collin. We all went to watch the fireworks together.

Same picture...sorry

What an amazing site the fireworks were to see here in Iceland. I can't even describe them or even show them to you in a picture.

Each Icelander family collects fireworks all year round just for New Years. Each household shoots them off from there house, so the whole sky is full of fireworks. But even before the fireworks start there are these huge bonfires spread out through Reykjavik you can just go and sit at. You can see these bonfires from miles away.

Where we were watching the fireworks at, it was over looking the whole city of Reykjavik. It was a very popular spot to watch the fireworks, so it was a good thing we go there early. We got there around 9:00 and there was already a few fireworks here and there. But at 11:00 the sky started to turn so bright with fireworks and by 11:30 you didn't even know where to look. The sky was just full of fireworks, you can't even describe how beautiful it was. No other firework show will ever compaire to it.

Can't wait to see you all next week...XOXO