Monday, January 23, 2006

We Made It

Just wanted to let everyone know that we made it safely to Minnesota! We had an ok flight from Iceland to Boston. David said it was his worst flight ever. It just seem extra long because of the little girl who cried the whole time and the seats were really small. We stated at the Hyatt in Boston. Very please with that hotel and the bed was so comfy, so we were happy about that. We ended up just eating dinner in our hotel because we were just so tired from our flight. We both had the samon and it was the best meal we both have had in a long time. Well worth the price we had to pay.

After we made our next two flights on Saturday we arrived around 2pm. Both my parents and David's parents picked us up at the airport. It was nice to see everyone. Straight from there we went out to eat at Bennigans. David's friend Mike and his girlfriend Suzy met us up there for our welcome home celebration. After dinner we all came back here for a few drinks. Everyone told stories, laughed and my dad told all his famous stories and brought out all his band signutares.

Sunday morning we went to IHOP for breakfast with my family and ran some errrons with David. David ordered a new pair of glasses. The ones he bought in Turkey are just not holding up the best.

And now it is already Monday. David is going snowboarding today with Mike and Luke. He had been so excited to go. He only got to go once in Iceland so far. My all important hair appointment got switch to Thursday, so I have plans to go out to eat with my aunties today and my sister.

Really glad to be home, will keep everyone updated. And please get ahold of us so we can make plans to get together!


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