Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day

It pretty much was a regular day for David and I. David has to work late tonight because they do this show called "Icebreakers" on Tuesday nights. The show basically talks about things going on around base. So he picks me up at 6pm from work and drops me off at the door and heads straight to work. I probably wont see him until 8pm or so.

I did put up a few Valentines decorations this morning so it felt a little more like Valentines. My grandma gave me these little heart and lip punches awhile ago so I used those to decorate the table. David bought me a card and beautiful red roses for valentines, they were on the table when I got home from work.

We got a package from my grandma and grandpa in the mail today, so I am going to go open it now. We love getting stuff from them!

Happy Valentine's Day to you ALL!

We Love and Miss you!