Sunday, February 12, 2006

Rainy and Windy Weekend

This weekend we didn't do to much. The weather was pretty rainy and windy all weekend, so that made for an extra lazy weekend for us. But on Friday we did our usual tradition of going over to our neighbors house, the Slater's (Mike and Misty), to watch Survivor. David actually works with Mike in Broadcasting. They live right across the hall from us, so that is really nice when the weather isn't the best. The Slater's have two boys Aiden almost 3 and Ryan 1. They are the cutest little boys ever. David and Aiden get along so well.

On Saturday I woke up to late to go to my Spinning class, so I was really bummed about that. I really wanted to get back into that after being on vacation. I actually work out off base, and the guy who teaches the class says everything in Icelandic so I just have to look at what everyone else does. I also go on Mondays. I just love going, it is so much.

Once we did get up and got going we went to the NEX (Naval Exchange) so David could buy a small Digital Camera to take to the Iraq with him. He wanted to get a real small one he could fit into his pocket and it would be easy to get to. Then that evening we went over to our friend's house, Kevin and Sarah Kite (David works with Kevin). We ate dinner over there and played Loaded Questions. It was a really fun game. There is a question asked to everyone but the roller. A question could be "If you could bring back one famous person from the dead who would it be?" Then one person would read everyones answer then the roll would try to guess who said what. Basically you are trying to learn more about everyone.

Once we got home I called my parents up at there cabin. It is always nice to talk to them. My dad is all ready planning the band for when David gets back.

Then today I got up sort of early because of the wind and started to print off pictures for my scrapbook I want to start for Iceland. I wanted to start a page today, but that never happened. I also wanted to send out handmade Valentines, but that never happend either. I had forgotten to mention before that my Grandma had a Stampin' Up party for me while I was home at her house and she gave me all the credit for the party, so I was able to get TONS of free stuff for my scrapbooking. So I am excited to get all that stuff.

David and I watched Elizabethtown this afternoon. It was a really good movie. It is the one with Kristan Dunst in it. And other then watching a movie I tried to attempt to make sugar cookie cut outs for Valentines Day. I had bought heart cut outs when I was home, so I was excited to make cookies, but they really didn't turn out the best. They tasted more like flour cookies. I followed the directions to a T, but maybe put down to much flour on the board when rolling them out. David said they tasted good, but I know he is just saying that to make me feel good about my cookies.

Now were going to watch some TV and go to bed!


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