Saturday, February 18, 2006

Site Seeing In Iceland

Today David and I woke up early because we had decided the day before we were going to do some site seeing of Iceland. David had seen these areas before because he had gone with a tour group and done a story on these places. So it was nice he had an idea of where we were going since it is a few hours away. But I was really excited to go because I haven't seen any major sites in Iceland yet.Our first stop was at the car wash so david could wash the jeep...I took some pictures of the houses in town.Cute little towns
These are the mountians, you pretty much can see them from everywhere
And this is what it looks like and dirt
We pulled over to take some pictures and David made sure we were going the right way
There is still some snow on the mountains

We first visted Thingvellir, they made this government struture to reflect the history of Iceland and the Icelandic people.
It is hard to see but this a volcanic fault line which passes across Iceland, a part of the mid - Atlantic Ridge, the junction of the American and Eurasion tectonic plates.

Walking down from the top of the fault line to our next site.
David coming out of the hole he ran into to hide from me
The Icelandic flag
This is the drowning pool. Back in the day when people committed a crime they would put them into a bag and tie a stone to there feet and throw them in.
David taking some pictures
it is only about 7 feet deep
On our way to our second site we pulled over to take some pictures of some horses, they are every.

Next, we stopped at a Geysier Park. They go off about every 5 minutes.

It is just amazing how they go off every 5 minutes
This water was soooo blue and so clear, but with my camera you just can't tell. And the water was so warm, just when I walked by I could feel it on my leg.
Last, we went to one of the largest water falls in Iceland - Gullfoss. It is just so huge and amazing! When you started to walk up it seemed like it was raining from all the mist. This was the front and we walked all the way to the back to take pictures.

They had a path you could take to the back of the water fall, but it was really icey.

There is david being the risk taker, he climed down some rocks to take this picture.
These are some ice crystals on the side of the water fall, they look so beautiful
The water was so powerful
this was the back of the water fall

When we were leaving a rainbow came out. Iceland has the prettiest rainbows ever.

We left at 9am and got back at around 5pm. So we saw a lot in one day. I was really glad to see some of Iceland. There was some walking invovled, but we had such a nice day I can't complain. And I always enjoy spending a day with David.

David also took some pictures and will be adding them to his blog in the next couple days so make sure you take a look.


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