Thursday, February 16, 2006

Plant Problems

Does anyone know what kind of plant I have or how I should be taking care of it? Ever since I took this plant into my care it has been wilting away. Does it need lots of water? Lots of light?

I actually found this plant in my hallway and I was watering it ever so often so I just brought into my house one day because I liked it so much. The people who probably lived in my house before us probably had the plant and couldn't take it with them.

Any advice would help...

Other then my plant fading away, the wind was crazy today. I almost got blown over walking to the car. And when david and I were walking into the house a pop can flew past us and right into the car we were walking past, glad it didn't hit us or our car. In North Western Iceland they are getting tons of snow right now, they are told not even to go out. So hopefully we don't get what they are getting.

Congratulations to my cousin Jack for making his first hockey goal the other day!

Well, more later...miss everyone!


Blogger jamesshults said...

Sweet plant. Quite a groovy green thumb. Keep rockin' the plantrehabitation.

p.s. david sux... shults rox

9:21 AM  

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