Saturday, March 11, 2006

Small Update

I haven't been very good at keeping my blog updated this past week...I know. I will try to get you all caught up in short post. Thursday was a really nice day. David surprised me with some roses and a really sweet card when I got home from work. It made me cry, It was so sweet. I tried to post some pictures of the flowers, but I couldn't get them to post.

Friday, I had to work from 11 - 8 because the girl who works the evening shift was getting surgery, but I didn't mind the extra hours. David came up to my work and brought subway for us to eat dinner together. After he left I had my first attempt at ceramics. We also have a ceramics shop in my building, so I started to make 3 vases. It was a lot of fun.

Today I got called into work because no one showed up to open up the Galleria, I didn't mind because I was going up there to work on my vases anyways. So I will work until 5 today. David got his laptop today that he ordered. It is really nice.

I am feeling a lot better lately, but once in awhile I still get some pains in my stomach...hopefully Tuesday I will find out a lot more about what is wrong with me.

More later....


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