Monday, March 13, 2006


Back to work today, my weekend went by too fast. Today at David's work it is the start of Mediathon week. All week you pay for the songs you want to hear and if you don't like what song is on the radio you can pay to get the song bumped off. Today they had to dress up like any kind of super hero...David dressed up like Factotum Man. He put foil all over his face and all over one arm, it was pretty funny. He also wore a Factotum shirt that he had made...Factotum is the name of there band. They also air there radio show live on channel 21 so you can see what is going on in the station. It is neat to see what kind of costumes everyone wore today. During the rest of the week they will have jail n' bail, where you can pay to put some one in jail for the day, bid to throw a pie in someones face, poker tournaments and you can bid on items all day. they have candles to even a car they are bidding off. All the money goes towards the Airforce and the Navy.

Tomorrow I have my ultrasound so I have to eat a fat free meal tonight for dinner and drink so many glasses of water before tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully they don't find anything where I would need surgery. But for now I will continue to pee into my little "party hat" they call it to see if I pass any stones...crazy huh!

David went and got measured for his uniform for when he goes to Iraq today....that is really crazy. It is coming up so fast.


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