Monday, March 20, 2006

It's Snowing Here

Had a pretty good weekend...Friday was a BLAST! Went out for St. Patty's day with a bunch of friends. Sure is sad we have to leave them all so soon. There was a live band playing on base so we went and listen to them play for awhile and then headed over to another club where David ended up singing some Neil Diamond songs. Ended up getting home some time after 3am...was a long night. Saturday was a busy day for me...I had a candlelite party and a baby shower to go to. That lasted all afternoon. Then after those two events David and I went to an Art show on base. The Icelandic artists were showing there work on base. A lot of there work was so beautiful. There was wine, cheese and music also. It was nice to just walk around and look at everything. After that went over and watched "Just Friends" at one of our friends house. We thought the movie was really funny. Our dryer broke on Sunday so that wasn't fun trying to get our clothes dry. Other then that Sunday was my relaxing day. David has band practise like always. They finally have a show in May. They will be playing a few songs in between this other bands breaks. It will be neat to finally here them play together.

No news on the base or where we will be going from here...will keep you updated though.


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