Saturday, April 15, 2006

Pottery Class

Today was my first pottery class. I thought it was boring probably because we really didn't do anything but listen and watch him show us how to use the wheel and sculpt. I wasn't to thrilled when I found out that we will be making sculptures in the class also. We have to make a face...what am I going to do with a head? And whos head am I going to sculpt? But I am excited to learn how to use the wheel. Who knows how good I will be at it. I guess they say it is really relaxing. This is a 7 week class so it will take me up to right about the time we leave, so it will give me something to do every Saturday. I will keep you updated on process.

Today I got to talk to my mom, sister and also my Grandma Bear today. It is always good to talk to family.