Saturday, April 08, 2006

Surprise Party

On Friday night my friend Misty and I threw a Surprise Birthday Party for her husband, Mike, and David. Mike's birthday was on Friday night so we had just told them that us four were going out for just a little bit to celebrate because they were able to get a babysitter for there kids. We just had the party at the local club on base and invited everyone from there work. We had a private room, so that was really nice. We were able to decorate it...thanks to Misty who did all the decorating because I wasn't able to get off of work. Also we had food, cake and little gift bags for everyone. It was just like a birthday party! Both the guys were really surprised when they walked in the room and everyone yelled "Surprise!" I really thought someone would had told them, but David and Mike had no clue. David and me David with all his birthday gifts
lindsey and me with our sunglasses...they were in the gift bags we gave out
Misty and me....The Hosts!
The Sargents....Steve and Lindsey
getting ready to sing Happy Birthday to David and Mike
The Birthday Boys!
David blowing out his candles... I made him act like he was blowing them out because I missed the first time.
david's band members
guys david and mike work with


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