Thursday, April 20, 2006

Just One Of Those Days...

This morning I woke up late for work so I couldn't even take a shower for work. I know that is gross and I don't even know why I am sharing that information on here. I was up at 7:30 to say good-bye to David before he went to work, but I thought I could just rest my eyes for another 30 minutes before I had to get up for work, that was a stupid idea because by the time I got up it was 10:00 and I leave at 10:45. Then when I got into the bathroom to do my hair that was a mess. I haven't had my hair cut or dyed in forever. I really only like to get it cut by Holly, but in times like this I am willing to go to the Icelandics on base, but they are only open Tuesday - Friday 11:00 - 4:30. What kind of hours are those! I wont ever be able to get my hair cut unless I take a day off. After I just threw my hair into a ponytail, I started to do my make-up and noticed that my make-up kept going into the WRINKLES in my forehead. What is up with that, it was really depressing. So I basically starred at my wrinkled for 15 - 20 minutes this morning. And something else that depresses me is that I am still breaking out! That shouldn't be happening either. Ohhhh it is tough to be a girl sometimes!

other then my rough morning nothing else has been going on around here...oh, besides really looking forward to leaving Iceland.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sara You crack me up!!! I think I've been laughing for the last 5minutes since I read your little blog. You must have been really bored at work to report your exciting news...dont worry its been there not being any new postings. I'm sure you still look great even on your worst of day, Yeah OK I know you do. But we all have these days and your right, sometimes its just not easy being a girl!!!! Love Ya, Andrea

2:26 AM  
Blogger Sara Larva said...

Your too sweet Andrea!

12:07 PM  
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