Thursday, April 27, 2006

End Of June

We now think we will be leaving Iceland at the end of June which is ok with us. I mean the sooner the better, but there is so much paper work David has to take care of it is better we get the extra weeks and plus we get the extra month of COLA...extra money is always a plus. We wont get our orders until I get medically cleared to go to Germany. Each over seas base we go to I have to get cleared because I have seizures. It shouldn't be a problem to get me cleared because they have great hospitals over in Germany and if I got cleared to go to Turkey and here, I will have no problem to get to Germany.

Tonight we are going to an Airforce dinner. It is a free dinner for everyone in the Airforce and they are giving away prizes. I am sure we wont win anything, because we don't have that kind of luck. The last time we were somewhere where they were giving away prizes we won the "Risk Star Wars Board Game"... how nerdy is that! And the only reason we won anything is because everyone won something. All of our friends were winning dvd players and video cameras. So we know our luck isn't so hot!

David has been playing tons of basketball lately...the one sport he wasn't good at, he is now good at. Work has been slow lately actually. My boss has been out with a knee injury for the last week or so. I finally got in for a hair cut next week, that should hold me over until we get to come home.

Take care and we miss you all!!