Friday, April 21, 2006

Look What I Made

Here are some pictures of the ceramics I have been making the past weeks. Sorry the pictures went in sideways, but you can still tell what they are so that is all that matters. I made a Tall, Medium and Small Vase and also a Salsa Bowl.
This is my tallest vase...I tried to make them all a different color, but for them all to go together. As you can see that really didn't work out to well.
My Medium vase is really dark. I like this one the best.
And my smallest vase and my tallest vase almost look the same. When I was picking out the paint it looked a lot different, but oh well.

My salsa bowl turned out pretty good. I only wished I would have painted the inside too. Now we just have to eat salsa out of it.

Yesterday after I posted about my bad morning I was sitting at work all alone because it was another Icelandic holiday, the first day of Summer, and this guy walked in all dressed in popcorn...Yes, Popcorn! He had a hat made of popcorn, popcorn ring, popcorn bow tie, popcorn buttons...popcorn everything. He asked me for directions to a building on base, so I showed him where it was and then he said "You look pretty lonely in here. Do you like magic?" I was like "Yes!" So this man dressed in all popcorn introduced him self as Kernel Popcorn and then started to do a magic show for me. He made a scarf vanish and turned a $1 bill into a $100 bill right in front of my eyes. I couldn't believe it! It was a nice little break in my day to have him stop in and plus I was having that rough morning.