Saturday, May 06, 2006

Beautiful Day

What a beautiful day we had! It was so nice out today I didn't even need to wear a jacket. David was able to go skateboarding and ride his bike around base for awhile. He was excited to get outside. I had my pottery class and a babyshower to go today, so I wasn't able to enjoy the nice weather as much as David did today. David also went to some beach with Blue and his son while I was at the babyshower. The babyshower was for Blue's wife Jessica and a girl David work's with Erica.

My pottery class didn't go so well today. I tried to sculpt some sort of bowl, but it just fell apart.

Last night, we went over to the Bluethmann's for game's always fun to get out and do something on a Friday night.

Talked to my parents today and looks like John will be moving into his house sometime this week. I am so excited for him!

Still no news on the exact date when we will be leaving Iceland, but it still looks like we will be leaving at the end of June. And expect us home for a visit sometime in August!!


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