Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Tired Today

Oh I have had such a busy work day, I haven't stopped working since I got here at 11. I guess I would rather be doing something then sitting here for 7 hours and starring at the computer. I swear the last week or so I haven't done anything but search the web and there is only so much you can look at on the computer. The only reason now I am not doing work is because I decided to give myself a little break to write in my blog, I know I have been horriable at keeping it updated lately.

Ofcourse I have no news to share about when we are leaving this place. We still don't have our orders. I am sure it wont be for a few weeks or so. I am just hoping we get our pack out date soon after we get our orders, so we get our stuff soon after we arrive in Germany. It is so hard living with out anything. Ofcourse we plan to pack our Jeep pack full when we take the ferry over. That should be an adventure in itself. But it will be nice to be able to see all the places we never got to see while we were here.

Tomorrow I finally get to get my hair cut after I get off work...Yippy! My hair is so gross right now and it doesn't help that I dyed it myself twice in two days!

Usually I will stay after work today and do ceramics but we will have to see how I feel. I am so tired after today.

Miss you all...


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