Wednesday, May 17, 2006

No Orders

Well David still hasn't gotten his orders, that means we still aren't able to get a pack out date. And all the May pack out dates have been filled, so hopefully we will be able to get an early June pack out or who knows may be we will be gone before all of our stuff. I doubt that would ever happen, they seem to be working hard to get everyone packed out before they leave.

My boss was going to keep the shop open until the middle of July, but now plans on closing it when I leave because she said it would be to hard to keep open by herself.

David and I were both up all night because of our throats. I wish I had called in sick, just to take a day to feel better. But sometimes it just seems like extra work to call in.

The weather has been gloomy the last few days. I just want to be at home watching a movie and drinking a cup of tea!


Anonymous Linda said...

Hope you and David are feeling better. Miss you both and trying to be patient until you get home for a visit. Love you both.

2:30 PM  

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