Thursday, May 25, 2006

Almost Done

After today my mom and I will only have 10 more days left of work! Yippy!! We both get off of work on June 9th. She will be off for the summer and I will be done here for good. I am so excited about that. Once I leave here if I have to make one more brass engraving I might I have to scream! That was definitly the worst part of my job. I didn't mind having to make one every once in awhile, but I have made so many since the base closed it has gotten to be over whelming some days.

Feeling a little better each day, but I still look like a car hit me because I haven't been wearing eye make-up and I have to wear my glasses. David has been taking good care of me though. He has been making dinner every night and he brought a sweater up to my work today because I was cold.

Still waiting on David's orders so we can get a pack out date. So right now we just wait.

DyDy....I hope you have a great time camping!


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Best regards from NY! »

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