Thursday, May 18, 2006


I love getting mail! Nothing ever exciting comes in the mail for me. It is always banking statements and things for David. He gets way more mail then me, but ofcourse he always says I wouldn't want the mail he gets. It is just boring stuff. So anyways yesterday was a great mail day for me. I got two packages in the mail! Well, one David and I had to share...that one was from my Grandma. That package had everything in it...ofcourse treats, body butter for me...I love that stuff, magazines and some other food. She always packs here packages plump full. My other package was from my friend Andrea. She sent me her seasons of Sex and the City to borrow. Ever since I saw the first season of the show I have been wanting to know want happens in the rest of the seasons. I already got started on season 2 last night and I am sure I will get threw all the seasons pretty fast.

Felling a lot better today, so that is good. I would hate to be sick over the weekend.