Sunday, May 28, 2006

Weekend BBQ

Yesterday our friends had a small BBQ at there house. It was the first time we have grilled since we have lived in Iceland because we got rid of our charcoal grill before leaving Turkey because we were told you weren't able to have grills on your decks. But to find out you can have gas grills and still everyone who owns a charcoal grill still uses there, so it was a bummer we got rid of ours. The BBQ was over at our friends house Lindsey and Steve. They grilled up chicken for us. It was so good! Here is a picture of Steve and David.
Here is David and his little buddy Aiden!
The Slaters were also invited over to the BBQ. They are the family who live in the same building as us.
David helping Aiden take off his shoes so he can relax on the couch.
Lindsey cooking dinner - she made a great dinner for us!
Cute picture of David!