Tuesday, June 20, 2006


We have been staying in a hotel across from the base where David will be working. It is a pretty nice hotel and the plus is that we get breakfast every morning and they also clean our room for us. Mannheim is a huge base! It is like a bunch of smaller bases put into one. We are definitally not use to such a huge base. But it is going to be nice to have everything we need finally. And I was really excited to see they have an IKEA right outside the gate. Also, at Ramstein (the base about an hour away) they are putting an Old Navy and a Sears right on base. So that is just going to be wonderful for us.

Tomorrow morning we are going to start house hunting. We are hoping to find a house right between Mannheim and Ramstein. Also, tomorrow morning David and I both have to take a written drivers test so we can drive here in Germany. We had the class this afternoon and we have been studying all night. David isn't too worried, but all these new laws seem a little hard for me.

The weather is great! So both of us are happy!


Anonymous Randy said...

We are glad you had a safe and exciting trip. Sound like the weather is great there. Hope you find a house soon. Talk to you soon!

Mom and Dad

11:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Sara and David,
Wow, sounds like you had a cool trip to Germany...from the caribou, seals and sheep to the ferry ride, views of Ireland and Denmark to the arrival at a nice base in Germany! We're very excited for you both!
Looking forward to what you find for housing; your new job on base; and all the new adventures!
Take care!
We love you!
Ann, Jack & Roger

1:22 AM  

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