Tuesday, July 25, 2006

How Am I Suppose To Plug That In?

Tomorrow they will be delivering our first shipment of household goods. It will be nice to finally be able to get our house together. We were looking forward to getting our TV and our microwave, but it looks like we wont be able to use those two items right away. Since we live off base every thing is 220 voltage. So we had to buy some new items, like curling irons, blow driers, alarm clocks and fans or we had to make sure our items were dual voltage and buy these little plug-ins that change your item to 220, so you can plug it in. If your item isn't dual voltage and you don't want to buy a new one...like our microwave or David's amp we need a transformer. They are not cheap, we can buy a used one for $85. And they are big and ugly...well, not huge, but it is a metal box that has to sit right next to the item. Since we have to use an AFN decoder box we are only able to get TV in one room. If you want TV in each room you have to buy a box for each room.

Sunday we went grocery shopping and forgot our groceries in the car and went to the BX for an hour. I am not sure how that happen, we just drove over to pay our internet bill and decided to go to the BX since it was right there. We were driving home and David goes, "Didn't we go to the grocery store?" We both couldn't believe we did that. It was so hot in that car. We were lucky all of our stuff wasn't melted and our stuff wasn't ruined. I swear my memory is going!

Been doing some cooking. It is fun to try some new meals.

This is a week of birthdays... I want to wish Auntie Ann, Uncle Bob, Ashley and Ron a Happy Birthday! Also, I missed Auntie Jodi, Mandy and Joni's Birthdays last week...so Happy Birthday to you!


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