Sunday, October 01, 2006


Saturday afternoon David and I went to the BX to get a few things before we went grocery shopping. I felt fine while we were there but, when we stood in line I started to feel dizzy. After David paid I told him I needed to find somewhere to sit down. We made it outside to a bench but, I got so dizzy and everything was getting so blurry. I was also so hot. David thought if I could just make it the jeep and put the a/c on I would feel a little better. We tried to walk a few steps but, I had to sit down on the egde of a flower pot. After a minute we tried to walk again. The jeep was so close. But when I got up David said my head started to go weak and then I just passed out. He had to lay me down on the street. David said people were yelling to call an ambulance. I was only out for about 10 seconds, so I said I didn't need to go to the hospital. After getting into the jeep I felt better. Just tired and wanted to go home. Thank goodness David was there to catch me when I fainted. Poor David I scared him to death. He said I didn't have a seizure, so that is good news. We left a message for my doctor to tell her what happened but, we haven't heard back from her. I hope to go into the doctors on Monday just to make sure everything is ok. I am feeling good today but since David is gone mountain biking he told me not to do anything. Just sit on the couch, just incase. I will give you an update on how I am doing tomorrow.


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