Monday, November 06, 2006

First Kicks

I just talked to my grandma and it reminded me I haven't written in my blog for a couple of days now. This weekend was pretty packed full with lots of yard work, shopping and movie night.

David and I did lots of yard work on Saturday. We are trying to get the yard ready for winter. Even though we did so much in the yard, it doesn't even look like we put a dent in it. It looks like a jungle. We finally just started to pull almost everything out because we have no idea if it is a weed or not. David also cut the trees way back. My wonderful mom said she would help me plant some bulbs when she comes out in April.

Friday night we went and saw "Flags of our Fathers." It was a really good movie, I even stayed awake the whole movie. David wasn't to sure if he saw himself because the fight scenes go by so fast. But once it comes out on DVD we will be able to let you know forsure.

Also, at the movies I felt the baby move for the first time. What a cool feeling! I did have my first caffeine fix this pregnancy during the movie, so I am sure the baby was wondering what was going on. The baby was just going crazy for about 20 minutes. Ever since then I have been feeling the baby move, mostly in the evenings.

Otherwise, nothing else new. Today I am just packing up some Halloween stuff. I can't wait to get the house ready for Christmas.

Miss you all!


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