Friday, November 03, 2006

Movie Night

We are going to see "Flags of our Fathers" tonight. The movie doesn't even start until 9:30. Lately I have been dead tired between 8 - 9. I haven't stayed up past 9:00 in a long time. I know what you are thinking...Party Animal! But today I did prepare myself with a 4 hour nap. So we will see if I make it through the whole movie. I am sure I will because of the excitement of looking for David.

The weather here is getting colder. We have been in the high 40's and lower 50's and the trees are still pretty green.

Everything in my pregnancy seems to be going well. I go to the doctors in 2 weeks and hopefully I get an ultrasound shortly after that appointment. Been waiting to feel the baby move but nothing yet. Everything I have read said I should feel the baby move between now and about 20 weeks.


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