Monday, November 20, 2006

No More Calls

We decided to get rid of our phone line through Vonage in December because David found a cheaper line through MSN. But with our new phone line you wont be able to call us anymore, we'll just be able to call out. The new line is actually 3 times cheaper and we get double the minutes. Right now we need to save more then ever with a new baby on the way. It is sad we wont be able to get phone calls anymore. It always made my life feel a little more normal just knowing people could get intouch with us whenever they wanted. We weren't able to get calls for 3 years or even call home whenever we wanted, so I am sure I can make it another 2 1/2 years with out having people call.

No plans yet for Thanksgiving Day but on Friday we do have plans for dinner at our neighbors house.

16 more days until my ultrasound! I am getting so excited to find out what we are having.

We didn't get too much done this weekend. We stopped doing yard work for now until all the leaves fall. And I finally set up my scrapbooking stuff. David set up a nice area for me so I have plenty of room for all my stuff. I plan on starting the scrapbook for the baby today.


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