Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thanksgiving Plans

David has tomorrow and Friday off for Thanksgiving. So he will have a nice 4 day weekend. For Thanksgiving we will be going to Blue's (Greg) house. And Friday we will have dinner at our neighbor's house. I am excited to have two Thanksgiving...all that yummy food! We also plan on going to see a movie on Saturday and maybe we will be motivated to rake up some of the leaves in our yard. Our yard is pretty full of leaves now.

We probably wont even try to hit up any stores this weekend. David doesn't like being around that many people and with me being pregnant I get so hot with all those people. I don't want to risk getting hot and then fainting again.

I actually completed a page in my scrapbook. I think it turned out pretty cute. Maybe I will get another page done this weekend.

I am not really enjoying wearing maternity clothes. Before I was pregnant I thought they had the cutest maternity clothes, but now that I have to wear them I basically hate them. Nothing seems to fit right. Everything seems a little to big right now but, I am to big to fit into my regular clothes. It is a bit depressing when your regular jeans don't even fit over your butt! I am just praying I will be able to get some what close to my regular size after this pregnancy. I must say my moods have been going crazy lately. One second I am fine, the next second I could just cry over nothing, then the next second I am crabby and one second after that I am fine again. It's wierd how your moods just kick in overdrive when you are pregnant.

Tomorrow I will already be 20 weeks pregnant. It seems like time is going pretty fast, but it could go a little faster. And 14 more days until my ultrasound!


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