Thursday, December 07, 2006

No Name Yet

Thanks to everyone for all the Congratulations! We couldn't be more excited to be having a boy. David sure is a happy daddy right now. Now I just have to worry about all the activities David is going to get him involved in. Before we knew what we were having David said either one he would have then riding snowmobiles, biking, motor cross, 4-wheeling and skateboarding. Scary times ahead for me.

We have no name picked out yet. Before we were even married I always told David if I had a little girl I would name her Isabelle. So David has pretty much dealt with knowing that would be the girls name. But we could never agree on a boys name. I am sure we will be thinking of a name right up until he is born.

I still can't stop looking at my ultrasound pictures. I can't believe how amazing it was to see all the baby's features. I just fell more in love with him. It is crazy how much I have already bonded with him. At first I thought he looked more like me with his cheeks, but now I pretty much only see David. I know I am crazy. Some people can hardly even make out a baby and I am already seeing who he looks like. At the end of January I go back for another ultrasound, so that will be neat to see how much more he has developed. Right now he is just 1lb and some ounces. Still tiny! But I have managed to put on 17 lbs so far.

Can't wait to see everyone next month!


Anonymous Katie said...

Congratulations Sara and David! I am excited to soon be an aunt and have a little nephew! Talk to you soon! love and miss you both!
Love your sister Katie

5:49 PM  

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