Thursday, December 21, 2006

Doctors Tomorrow

Yesterday David had the day off for Christmas. His work needs someone there pretty much everyday, so they had to divide the time off between everyone. But thankfully he gets Christmas Day off. We spent yesterday getting some shopping done. And then I spent the night watching the Christmas movies that were on tv. We still have no plans set in stone for Christmas.

Tomorrow I have 2 doctors appointments. One for my 24 week check-up and then one with my Neuroligist. I think my doctor will put me back on my seizure meds because my high-risk doctor says it would be safe for the baby and wise for me to get back on due to the higher risk of having a seizure while you are pregnant and in labor. Hopefully if I go back on my meds I will be able to start driving again by the time I come home for a visit. I can't believe next weekend I will be home. I am really excited for my visit and to see everyone again.

This weekend we plan on starting to get the baby's room organized. Right now we are using it to store some boxes. Hopefully by February we will have the baby's room all set for our new arrival.


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