Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas Is Coming

I can't believe Christmas is right around the corner. It really doesn't even feel like Christmas, even though my house is all decorated for the holiday. Maybe because my grass is still green and we still have a few leaves on the tress and of course because we have no snow in our area. The average temp has been in the 40's. I have been watching the weather in Minnesota and we seem to be having almost the same weather. We have been horriable at getting our Christmas cards out this year. Hopefully, we will get them in the mail this week and you will receive yours by the New Year.

The last few days I have been trying to get our baby registery in order. There is so much stuff to choose from and it takes forever since we have to do everything online and can't see the item in person. It does help that there is a parents review section to write about the item. It's nice to know if other parents liked the item and had no problems with it.

We actually got a few pictures hung this past weekend. Well I should say David hung the pictures and I just supervised. Too bad we ran out of wall anchors or they would all be up. I would have just put a nail into the wall, but David said that is way he hangs the pictures and I don't. I guess there is a right and wrong way to hang pictures.

I thought I would put up a picture of our Christmas tree. It looks nice when all the lights are on.


Anonymous Lindsay Schander said...

HI Sara!! Incase you dont already have on your registry here are couple of things that really helped when I first had sophia. (AND SHE WAS A CRANKY BABY!!) A Swaddle; keeps the baby all snug, it really helps with them sleeping. A vibrating chair. And a sleep positioner-I would recommend putting him/her on her side. Sophia's head is just now getting normal, if you lay them on their back all the time they get flat spots!! Well i hope this helps. Have a great trip to MN.

6:40 AM  

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