Sunday, December 17, 2006

Garmisch Pictures

Here are some pictures from our week in Garmisch Germany. Even though David had to work we still had a nice time. And we decided to stay an extra day so we could walk around Garmisch. They had a small Christmas market that we went to and we also went to a few stores. It was nice to be able spend the day just relaxing with David. We got home Friday evening after sitting in dead stopped traffic for over an hour. It took us 4 1/2 hours to get there and almost 8 hours on the way home because of all the traffic. The Garmisch area
A lot of the buildings in this area have these huge wall paintings.
A lot of these pictures I took for my mom because I thought she would like the cabin look they had all through out our hotel.
This rug had deer around the edges.
David hard at work taping a story about the conference going on.

I thought this house was really cute, but it is hard to see all the details of the house from this picture.

The front of the resort we stayed at
The mountain view was beautiful
Saw this on my walk
The Alps

David doing some work in our room

A picture from the upper level of the hotel. There was a really nice fire place you could sit around.
They had some really neat lights.

A picture of the view from our room


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