Thursday, December 28, 2006

This Weekend

David and I had a really nice Christmas. We spent Christmas at our friend Blue's house. Actually we have been spending Christmas with Blue for the last 3 years. We have been lucky to have been stationed together each move we make. David had Monday - Wednesday off this week, so that was really nice. We got some things done around the house. David started to go through the stuff in the babies room. The baby already has so much stuff and he isn't even here. I already took down all the of the Christmas decorations. I figured if I didn't get it done before I left for the states I wouldn't have time to once I got back with getting everything ready for the baby.

Today I am going to start packing. I can't believe I will be in the states this weekend. Also, I started to clean the house a little. I have been slacking ever since David has been off work. David also gets January 1st and 2nd off. He plans on going to a New Years Eve party, lots of biking and skiing while I am gone. So he will be pretty busy while I am gone. He just found a place to go mountain biking that is pretty close to our house, so he was excited about that. He said he is going to drop me off at the airport and then head straight to go biking.

See everyone soon! and mom don't forget to pick me up at the airport:)


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