Monday, December 25, 2006

No White Christmas

Well Santa didn't make it to our house last night. I figured with this being our third house we have been in for Christmas he just got confused on where to bring our gifts. David and I got up around 9 this morning and exchanged cards. We decided no gifts this year for eachother since we have so much other stuff to buy this year with the baby coming. I made waffles for breakfast today and now we are just relaxing until we have to go over Blue's house for dinner.

On Christmas Eve we opened up gifts from family. We got a lot of nice stuff this year. We took pictures and I hope to get them up tomorrow. For dinner we went over to David's friends house for dinner. It was a nice evening. I also got ahold of my family so I was able to wish them Merry Christmas.

It doesn't even look like Christmas outside. It would have been nice to wake up to a nice dusting of snow, but I don't think the snow is coming anytime soon.

Merry Christmas Everyone! See you all soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas
Sara and David
we here have just a little snow on the ground kind of a brown white Christmas. Have a great and safe day and see you next week.


6:47 PM  

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