Saturday, December 23, 2006

Baby Update

My doctors appointments yesterday went really well. My neurologist and I decided to go back on to my topamax seeing the risk to the baby is very unlikely now that I am almost done with my second trimester. The baby has delevoped completely and now he is just growing bigger these last few months. Due to the higher risk of having a seizure while pregnant or in labor all 3 of my doctors thought it would be wise to start up again but at a very low dose at the beginning. It will take 8 weeks for me to be up to the recommended dose. I will see him again when I get back from my vacation to see how I am doing and to check my blood levels.

My pregnancy doctor said everything is looking great. My weight is good. I have gained 22 pounds now. They would like for me to gain between 30 - 40 pounds because I was under weight when I got pregnant. Also, my fundal height (how big your belly is getting) measures at 23 cm. They say it should be at 24 cm give or take a cm. From this point on I should add a cm each week. The babies heart beat sounds good too. The doctor let David find the heart beat all by himself and also David got to measure my stomach. It is so nice that our doctor lets David get so invovled with the appointment. I go back in 4 weeks for my 28 week appointment and will see my doctor one last time for my 32 week appointment before we get transfered to the hospital where I will give birth. It is about an hour away, so that will be scary having to drive that far once I do go into labor.

Today we are going to go shopping and get some stuff done around the house. David has to make 2 cheesecakes for Christmas to bring to our friends house. Christmas Eve we will be going to David's friends house for dinner. And Christmas Day we will be going to Blue's house. I think I will make a few cookies to bring also.


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