Monday, January 29, 2007

Pictures From MN ~ Part 1

Here are some pictures from my baby shower that my friend's Sheila and Brandi had for me on January 6th. The shower turned out great and it was so nice to see everyone who was able to come.
Sheila, Brandi and me. I am a little over 26 weeks here.
Cyndy and me
Rachel is also pregnant. She is due on April 22 and is having a girl.

There is connor trying to steal some frosting
guess who gave us that Beatles shirt

Cyndy made all these little onsies!

I don't look too excited to get this gift ~ do I, but I loved it!

Thanks again everyone for all the nice baby gifts! They are just starting to arrive here in Germany, so it has been fun showing David everything. I will get more baby shower pictures up tomorrow from the one my mom and grandma had for me.

I had a doctors appointment on Friday. Everything went fine. Had to drink that yucky sugar water, but so far my test results aren't back yet. Otherwise, my weight looks good and the baby is growing right on schedule.

Today I am finally going to unpack my bags. They did finally arrive the next day at 9pm. I was getting a little worried they weren't going to show up, so when the door bell rang I got pretty excited. David said he has never seen me move so fast.


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