Monday, March 30, 2009

Coloring Eggs

I guess I haven't wrote in awhile so I thought I better post something. This weekend went by fast of course, they always do. On Sunday we colored Easter Eggs because next weekend we will be really busy getting ready for Branden's party on Sunday. Branden had a lot of fun coloring the eggs. Even though they were hard boiled only 3 made it because Branden cracked the rest because he would throw them so hard into the dye. His hand was stained green for the day because he was holding his hand in the dye. I think he thought it was pretty cool though. David kept calling it his "Hulk" hand. I'll get some pictures up soon of Branden coloring the eggs.

Earlier this week we had to get rid of one of Branden's favorite toys...his umbrella! I'm not sure why he likes to play with it so much, but he does. It just had gotten to dangerous to play with. I think David fixed it like 5 times. Finally after the wires were coming out the top we thought it was time for it to go. It was like a weapon! Instead of throwing it away when Branden was sleeping I thought he should do it himself. I came up with this big story that the "umbrella fairy" would come and take it away and take good care of it because it wasn't safe anymore. But the fairy would leave him a little present once she took his umbrella. He was a little sad first, but I said say goodbye and he gave his umbrella a kiss and put it in the garbage can and then we walked the garbage can down to the street. And then about an hour later I asked Branden if he wanted to see if the Fairy had came. And so he went and opened the front door and can you believe this...the Fairy came! She left some candy for him. Branden kept saying, "fairy, fairy!" He was so excited!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Go Away Rain

It's been raining here the past couple of days and actually it hailed yesterday and it was snowing this morning for just a few minutes. The weather has been really wierd. Branden and I were singing...

"Rain, Rain go away, so we can go outside and PLAY!"

So hopefully that helps.

I'm not sure if I wrote in here or not that David got his orders, but he did last week. So now he was able to set up a time for our household stuff to get picked up and for our car to get shipped. We also have a confirmed fly out date to Minnesota! Its in the first week of May. The military really doesn't want you telling the date you fly out on for safety reasons. We wont even know our flight info until 3 days before we fly out. But the movers will be picking up our stuff April 27-29, I think. And on the 30th we ship our Jeep and move into a hotel until we fly out. It will take about 3 months to get our household stuff. But we do get an express shipment that only takes 1 month and in the express shipment you can pack up to 1000 lbs, but no furniture. We will mostly just send Branden's toy, clothes and David's bikes in that shipment.

Here are a couple of pictures of Branden....
He likes to pretend to change this baby's diaper

david bought me these beautiful flowers for no reason at all! i was shocked!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Outside Pictures

Here are a bunch of outside pictures from last week. The weather was pretty nice most of the week, between 45-60 degrees. Its so nice when we can bring Branden outside to play. He really likes to play with water. He asks to turn on the hose everyday, even in the winter so finally this week it was warm enough to have a couple of buckets of water outside he could play with. He mostly just filled up his watering cans and waters the flowers. Filling up his watering cans
back for more water

dumping the water on himself

his outside fort

looking at a helicopter

picking flowers

So sweet!!


Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Bike

In Europe kids don't use training wheels on there bikes instead they first start out using walking bikes. Walking bikes are just bikes without pedals and they are for helping the child get balance on a bike. First they will start by just walking with them and then they will start pushing there legs fast and be able to balance on the bike while it moves. Once they can do that they move to a bike with pedals and never have to use training wheels.

Someone at David's work gave Branden there daughter's old walking bike since she had outgrown it. Branden was pretty excited when he saw it. He can almost touch the floor flat-footed, maybe in a couple of months he will be able to.

Showing off his new bike!

Yes, we do have a tent in our living room. Its Branden's fort!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Lots Of Birthdays

March is a busy birthday month, so hopefully I don't forget to wish anyone a Happy Birthday in this blog. Well, lets see first off on Saturday is my Grandma Bears and my Great-Grandma Helen's birthday. My Grandma Helen will be 91! How exciting! Also yesterday was my Grandma Resner's birthday. So I would like to wish all my Grandma's a very special birthday. I love you all very much. Grandma's are the best!

Also, today is Branden's cousin Cooper's 1st birthday! Yea for Cooper!

And next week is my Uncle Rick, Justin and Collin's (Sheila's son) Birthday! And Hopefully we will be welcoming Cyndy and Justin's little boy really soon. Maybe on Justin's Birthday??

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Nice Weather

We have been having some really nice weather here lately, so it has been really nice to get outside with Branden. Branden really loves to play outside. Yesterday he walked around the yard for awhile looking at each flower and smelling them. We also made a fort outside with his cars and some lawn chairs. It had a secret hand shake you had to do before you could come inside. Since he didn't want to come inside for lunch I thought what a nice day to eat outside, so we had a picnic in the yard. He thought it was pretty neat to eat on a blanket. While we were playing outside a black cat came in our yard. Branden almost died he was so excited! He started to scream, "Shadow, Shadow!" It looked just like my cat Shadow. Branden started to run after it and the cat would run alittle bit and then Branden would run towards it a little more. Branden just thought it was so funny. The cat stayed in our yard for about 20 minutes. I wanted to get video of Branden and the cat, but my camera was dead and I didn't want to leave Branden outside with this wild cat alone. When the cat left Branden was pretty sad. I had to tell him the cat's mom was calling him home for dinner and a bath. Branden kept saying, "Shadow dinner" He waited for him to come back for awhile.

Something funny Branden said to me this morning I thought I would share it with you all. I said "Do you want Orange Juice to drink?" And he said,"hmmm, or how 'bout chocolate milk?" Just the way he said it was so cute and so serious.

David got his orders this week, so now he can get a lot of out processing done. Hopefully we will get our plane tickets this week!! That will be so nice to have!

Monday, March 16, 2009

BBQ and Park

This weekend we had a BBQ at our house. Someone at David's work was looking for a place to rent so David mentioned to them that our house will be up to rent soon so if he wanted to take a look at it he could this weekend. So David thought why not just have him over for a BBQ and invite a couple of our other friends over too. The guy ended up really liking our house and is going to move in right after we move out. So that is really nice. Our landlord is really happy because she has been trying to find someone to rent it. How often does the renter find someone to rent the house before they leave. Our landlord, Karin is so nice so we are happy we found someone who is really nice and trustworthy to move in after us.

Branden had a really good time at the BBQ because our friends have younger children who like to play with him. And now that Branden is older he likes to play tag and sort of understands the rules of other games.

On Sunday we went to the park with Branden. He had so much fun there. We spent a long time there. He really enjoyed the swing. We finally had to take him off of it when he started to fall off because his hands were getting tired from holding on for so long. He swings on the "Big Boy" swing now and is even learing how to pump with his legs.